Dog Sitting/Boarding

Caring for a special needs dog is…well—special. And finding someone to fill in for you can be difficult. I know this first hand. Life quickly becomes unbalanced when you have to skip family vacations or weekend getaways or you're not able to get away just for the day because your canine companion needs meds three times a day, or allergy injections, or daily baths; or if your companion is afraid of noises, new people, or lots of dogs.


I provide a warm, safe home-away-from-home for your canine companion. I take care of up to 2 dogs in my home in addition to Kara (my dog). The dogs become part of my family and receive the daily care & attention they need. They can sleep all day & night, stare out the windows, lounge on the back deck, romp in the yard, roll in the grass, and whatever else dogs do. Daily walks are included, of course.


Because every dog is unique, I require at least two consultations before boarding: the first in your home and the second in mine. All dogs will meet the resident dog before boarding and must get along with her. 


I do understand there are dogs (mine included) who can't have certain vaccinations for various reasons; therefore, I do NOT require current vaccinations except rabies. I do, however, require a vet check no more than 1 week before boarding to verify your dog is free from any contagious illnesses, including fleas & ticks. This is for the safety and health of all dogs. I also require a negative fecal within the last 6 months.


Rate is $75 per day for one dog.

Rate starts at $115 per day for two dogs.

Discounts for 10+ and 14+ days are 10% and 15%, respectively.

Note: If you have a cautious canine who is shy of new people or has handling issues, I am willing to work with you & your dog to develop an acceptable level of trust so you feel comfortable & confident leaving him/her alone with me.