Walks & Home Visits

Dogs love walks with their people and enjoy play. They also need that stimulation on a consistent basis to keep them healthy/happy, both physically and mentally. When we become canine guardians, we assume responsibility for ensuring that need is met. As time goes by and life gets in the way or poop happens, we may find we need some help. I'm here to help you and your furry (or hairless) friends stay (or get) healthy/happy.


I provide walks/outings and home visits on a short-term basis (generally less than 10 weeks). Scenarios requiring short-term care can include, but are not limited to: family emergencies, injuries/illness (you or your dog), pregnancy/maternity (you or your dog), deadlines at work, off-site meetings, house guests, and school events.


Walks and outings (leashed/off-leash) can be daily or only certain days of the week depending on your need.


Home visits are tailored to you and your dog's special needs. They entail me coming to your home to provide your dog(s) the care he/she requires. These visits often occur when guardians are on vacation. Regardless of the circumstance, visits may include multiple walks, feedings, play, and potty breaks.


Tailored Care

If you have a dog who needs multiple short breaks during the day or needs to be checked on due to a medical condition (for example, she is recovering from surgery, an injury or illness), we will customize a plan with you.


If you yourself are being challenged and need someone to step in to help with the care of your dog, we will customize a plan with you.


This service is tailored to you and your dog.

Home Visits

I'll go to your home to take care of your dog(s) when you're away on vacation or require assistance.


Home visits are customized to the special needs of you and your dog(s).

Rate starts at $65 per day to include 2 visits with walks and feeding.
Rate for two dogs starts at $75 per day.

 *If dogs are to be walked separately, the rate will be adjusted.

Neighborhood Walks

I'll be at one end of the leash, your dog will be at the other and we'll head out your door for a neighborhood walk.


Visits are offered in 30-minute intervals.

$25 for 30 minutes for one dog.

$30 for 60 minutes for one dog.

Add $10 for an additional dog.

*If dogs are to be walked separately, the rate will be adjusted based on total time.

Custom Outings

If you want your dog to safely stray further from home--on leash or off--we will personalize an outing to fit both your needs.


Outings are generally offered for 1 to 2 hours and start at $45 for the first hour.